WELCOME artists

We are excited to have you as part of our artist community. Our mission is simple: we are here to get art seen; to connect artists and collectors and to strengthen the fabric of the art community by encouraging others to join us in supporting one another in ways large and small. As part of our ARTseen community we encourage you to reach out to fellow artist and share this opportunity so that we can all prosper. 


ARTseen is a platform designed to connect artists with collectors as well as to other artists and resources. There is no cost to becoming part of ARTseen—one image displayed on our main gallery, an artists webpage and a unique link to the artist's page are free to all artists who wish to join the community. Additional images can be added for a modest fee, which helps defray the cost of the ARTseen website. Please familiarize yourself with our site so you can take advantage of the many opportunities we offer. If there are resources you would like to share with others via this site, please email us so we can be made aware of them.


Our website is curated to ensure we represent a diverse and multifaceted group of contemporary artists who may or may not be represented in the main stream.

We have designed the ARTseen website to focus on art first. Keeping it clean and simple allows collectors to browse art by image, or by artist name through the search feature. Providing us with your content will allow you to be seen by collectors on our site as well as via the click through feature which will take them directly to your website if you have one. In addition to these features, we will provide you with a unique web link that you may use to send users directly to your ARTseen page. The format of your web link will be: artseen.org/FirstnameLastname. 

If you would like to be part of the ARTseen community, please fill out the submission form and email it with your image(s) to: danielehlers@artseen.org