ARTseen is an artist championed partnership whose mission is to:

Provide artists with a platform on which their work can be seen.

To offer collectors a place to view a diverse collection of contemporary art—and to provide them a means by which they can connect directly with artists. 

Strengthen the fabric of the art community by providing an atmosphere of encouragement, cooperation and support, which will lead to mutual prosperity.


ARTseen will deliver its mission by:

  • Offering artists various channels by which their work can be seen.
  • Providing a source for art consultants, galleries and collectors to see new and underrepresented art.
  • Encouraging artists to support one another by sharing ideas, information and resources. 
  • Engaging artists in activities that will boost creativity and create lasting bonds.
  • Calling on community members to find new ways to support local artists.
  • Collecting and sharing pertinent information with artists.
  • By sharing the joy of art with members of the community at large.


ARTseen was created by founding artist members who saw the need for greater collaboration, support, and promotion of local contemporary artists not part of the main stream. Their vision includes a desire to build a dialog between artists and members of the community.


The ARTseen website is curated to ensure we represent a diverse and multifaceted group of contemporary artists who may not be represented in the main stream.

We designed the ARTseen website to focus on art first. Keeping it clean and simple allows collectors to browse art by image, or by artist name through the search feature. 


There is no cost to becoming part of ARTseen—one image displayed on our main gallery, an artists webpage and a unique link to the artist's page are free to all artists who wish to join the community.

Providing us with your content will allow you to be seen by collectors on our site as well as via a click through feature which will take collectors directly to your own website. 

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. —Edward Degas

If you would like to be part of the ARTseen community, please contact: or